Stem cells are known as the body’s ‘master’ cells because they have the potential to develop into virtually any type of cell in the body.

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Fund, promote and support collaboration in the field of adult stem cell transplantation. Fund early stage clinical trials. Improve the lives of people worldwide suffering from diseases and conditions that may benefit from adult stem cell research.

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The National Stem Cell Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports peer-reviewed research and clinical trial collaborations in the field of adult stem cell therapies with the potential to treat or cure conditions and diseases affecting people worldwide.

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    Meet The Igwe Family

    Before getting a bone-marrow transplant from his sister in 2006 through an NSCF-supported clinical trial, Amos Igwe was often so sick that he had difficulty…


Epic VIP Giveaway for 2015 Forecastle Festival!

NSCF is excited to partner with Forecastle Festival in an EPIC VIP GIVEAWAY! Just provide your email below to be entered to win a pair of three-day passes to: Forecastle FestivalJuly 17-19Waterfront ParkLouisville, KYSee over 60 musical acts including such high profile musicians and bands …

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