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Turning back the clock on aging muscles

A study co-published in Nature Medicine this week by University of Toronto researcher Penney Gilbert has determined a stem cell-based method for restoring strength to damaged skeletal muscles of the elderly.

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Because of your generosity and goodwill

NSCF has wonderful news to share with our donors and friends. Because of your generosity and goodwill over the last several years, the NSCF has helped move clinical trial collaborations forward into success that has attracted a significant commercial partner.

This afternoon, the University of Louisville announced the commercialization of research NSCF has supported since 2005. There is a short period of time – when research moves from the laboratory into the clinic – when funding is critical and the need is great. That critical gap has been bridged by your contributions to NSCF. You can read the complete news release from the University of Louisville here.

The list of diseases and conditions that will benefit from therapies developed through this commercial partnership is long. Many of them affect you or those you love. Accelerating the development and availability of these stem cell therapies has the potential to shave millions of dollars from current healthcare costs by reducing or eliminating the need for medication and improving the lives and health of the many who will benefit.

Moving this science forward to commercial availability would not have been possible without your help. Thank you for trusting the National Stem Cell Foundation to be good stewards of your funds – and for your continued support.

Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative

Building resources for studying Parkinson’s disease

The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) Research Institute has entered into a partnership with the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI) to build resources for studying Parkinson’s disease to accelerate new treatments. Sponsored by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, PPMI is a landmark effort to identify and validate biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease. The study is currently under way at 32 clinical sites worldwide with funding from 13 industry partners.

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